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Massachusetts Bar Association High School Mock Trial program, 2006-2009.

St. Johnsbury

I got back late last night (around ten-thirty) from the St. Johnsbury tournament.  It was awesome.  We started in the B division, and since we won all four of our games on Saturday, we moved into the A division.  We lost to Four Rivers Sunday morning, but then won our final two games, putting us in fifth place in the A division, which is pretty impressive.  I am exhausted and sick, but it was a great experience.  I’m home from school today recuperating, and tomorrow we have two away games, one after the other, at Four Rivers, and then we are having a big party, which I think will be a lot of fun.  Four Rivers, and the other school we’re playing, Compass, are both really fun teams to play, and just nice people in general.

The members of the Mock Trial team who are on the competing team for the AMTI (not me) are in New Jersey right now.  I don’t know how they’re doing, but I’m hoping to here from them soon.  They’ll be back very early in the morning tomorrow, and I will see them on Wednesday or Thursday at school.  We have no school on Friday, and that night is the prom.  I will be wearing tails.


Of course they would be closed on Easter Sunday.  Why on earth didn’t I think of that?

I had planned my whole day around going to the Y in the morning, then work, then a mock trial meeting.  But it turns out that the Y is closed, work is closed, and the meeting is not happening.  It looks as though I will be going up to Ashfield to dig some holes in the morning.  Then I will do homework before meeting with a friend to work on our honors project.

First game

We won our first game of the season!  It was an awesome one, against Longmeadow B.  It was pretty great that it was not a pushover; we were quite evenly matched and the game was intense.  Also, I layed out for the first point of the season!  I am extremely proud.  And dirty.  My glasses are pretty destroyed, having been stepped on and dirtified rather well.

Today I played an excellent game of Apples to Apples.  I won.  Here, then, is a list of my qualities, as expressed by the infallible and omnipotent logic of Apples to Apples:

  1. Crazed
  2. Masculine
  3. Smooth
  4. Influential
  5. Misunderstood
  6. Wild
  7. Important
  8. Offensive
  9. Primitive
  10. Hilarious
  11. Nerdy
  12. Frightening
  13. Powerful

The Mock Trial team is entering an invitational tournament in New Jersey.  We got the case today.  It is negligence!

I am now able to moonwalk.


Well, we didn’t win our trial yesterday.  Thus, we are out of the competition.  So it goes.

I am more seriously considering opening a Facebook account.

Comics and competition

The Webcomics Weekend was a huge success, at least for the two hours I was there.  I met a lot of awesome people, including Ryan North, David Malki, Joey Comeau, and Emily Horne.  I bought two shirts, the first for me and the second for a friend who couldn’t come but is a die hard Dinosaur Comics fan.  Also I got a gigantic pastrami sandwich on an onion bagel at the restaurant at Eastworks, which lasted me the rest of the day.

We didn’t do so well at Harmony Sweeps.  We didn’t place or get Audience Favorite (we did both last year), but the groups that did were fabulous.  I didn’t feel that disappointed, because I had a really great time, heard some really good music, and got a chance to perform with some really fun people.

Also, I had a singularly AWESOME experience after the show.  A bunch of girls came up to the group, and asked for our AUTOGRAPHS!  And they wanted pictures with us!  It was SO COOL!  I have NEVER given an autograph before, and I enjoyed it so much.  They said that they were part of a high school choir as well, and they wanted us to come see their show, which we totally would have, except that it is on June 1st, which is 5-Alone‘s big show as well, and my birthday with all of its investment and skydiving-related opportunities and commitments.  Speaking of my birthday, I was recently informed that Lucky’s, a tattoo and piercing parlor in Northampton, will give you a free piercing on your eighteenth birthday.  This fits in perfectly with my planned theme for that whole day, so I am considering getting another piercing.  It would definitely be an ear.  I have to decide if I want to get my other (right) earlobe pierced, or if I want to go for one of those upper-ear-type things, and if so, if I want it to be on the left (already pierced) ear, or or the right.  Decision, decisions.

Tomorrow I am sleeping, going to see my school’s production of Hair with a friend, and going to a Mock Trial meeting.


The other semifinals trial on Monday will be between Sharon High School and Westford Academy.  This one’s in Boston, at John Joseph Moakley Courthouse, which is a fabulous place.  It looks out over the harbor, and that wall is made of entirely of large rectangular panes of glass, giving it an astounding view.

Our trial is at Worcester Superior Courthouse, which is also a pretty great building, although it doesn’t have a view.

We have no school tomorrow, but the Mock Trial team is meeting.


has beaten Newton South in their quarterfinals trial.  We will be playing them on Monday in the semifinals.


We won our trial today against Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science.  Semifinals are next Monday.  We will be facing either Newton South, whom we lost to in finals last year, or the Maimonides School, depending on which of them beats the other.

I am considering getting a Facebook.


Our new baby chicks arrived at the post office this morning.  There are about twenty.  We only ordered nine hens, but they have a certain amount they have to send in each box to keep them warm, so they just give you extra roosters, because no one wants roosters.  So once they get old enough to crow we will get rid of them, but for now they are pretty cute.

Also, we have eggs arriving pretty soon that we will be hatching.  We opted not to use an incubator and just to let some of the more broody hens sit on the eggs, which will be pretty awesome.

I picked up two more books for the honors project that I am doing with a friend for Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.  The project is on eighteenth-century European finance and economic policy, and these two books look pretty interesting.  Apparently there was something called the Dutch Tulip  Mania, and there was an economic group called the Loco-Focos.  Both sound pretty weird.  The Dutch Tulip Mania involved bulb futures, a rather odd concept, and the Loco-Focos appear to be some kind of group that advocated a no-paper-money policy.  We will see.

Our opponent for our next trial has been revealed: Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science from Worcester, who beat Lowell Catholic High School.  We will face them in Springfield on Monday.


Tonight was Purim, a rather exciting Jewish holiday, which features strange costumes and pastries.  Also, we won our first playoff trial today, advancing us to the next round on Monday.

I have been doing homework since returning home from synagogue.  Tomorrow, my Rise and Fall of the Great Powers class will complete its trial of Napoleon Bonaparte for Crimes Against Humanity.  I am playing Napoleon.  I have prepared a ridiculous French accent, and hopefully will be acquitted.  It is always interesting to see how these historical mock trials will play out.  On the one hand, I somewhat believe that Napoleon is guilty of the charges, so I am playing devil’s advocate in that sense, something I often do and enjoy greatly.  However, I am also speaking in line with what happened historically; Napoleon was not in fact ever tried, much less convicted.  So regardless of which side one is on in such a trial (I had similar thoughts in our 10th grade trial of President Harry Truman for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity concerning the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), one is arguing against some sort of establishment.

Frisbee practice tomorrow!  Hopefully the field will be clear enough that we can play an actual game.